University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki is one of the higher educations Schools of Greek public sector. Priest and laity students are educated with high standards to be able for professional support of orthodox culture aspects and foundations. Degrees of Academy are equal to those of other Universities in Greece. Students are accepted after panhellenic exams that take place every June. There is the possibility for those having a degree from a higher education school to enter in Academy with special exams taking place every November. The Academy has two main departments following a curriculum of 8 semesters:

Buildings and facilities

Φωτογραφία Ακαδημίας

Academy is opperated in a building complex of 7000m2. This complex is located in Plastira str. of Thessaloniki's municipality and it is given to Academy by Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki.

A very beautiful church devoted to all Saints related to Thessaloniki, is one of the buildings of the Academy's complex. This church is used for education purposes on holy services and liturgical life of Academy's students. Part of the complex in the basement of the buildings are the laboratories outfitted with ones of the best technological instruments.

All Saints Church

Lodging and restaurant facilities are provided in the buildings of Church Student Hostel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided to all students of Academy. The management of lodging and restaurant student programm is run by Educational and Cultural Foundation "St.Gregory Palamas" belonged to Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki.


The main academic library has around 11000 scientific books of many scientific areas covered both curriculums and similar sciences. Students have special acces to many electronics books as well as to a number of electronic libraries through internet.


The main academic library is open from 8:30am to 8:30pm weekdays.

To reach the location of Academy you can use local buses (buses with numbers 11 and 58 are the most convenient. The bus stop is named "Papanakli"). The access is very easy from the aeroport and from the ring road using the exit called "Pylaia-Panorma" toward downtown.